welcome to bauhr ranch horsemanship 2015

What is Bauhr Ranch?


Every year I ask myself that question and every year I think it means something different.

As we go into 2014 I believe Bauhr Ranch is a place where Horsemanship is practiced with the sole intent of helping horse and rider.

We certainly offer plenty of training opportunities for the horses from colt starting's to helping troubled horses and developing performance horses.

This year more than any other our focus is on the riders becoming better riders.

Our calendar page reflects that more workshops than ever before, focused on riding.

Of course this year we're again excited about the Horseback Getaways that will run through the summer. They will be great fun as always, so check out the Horseback Getaways.

In fact, while you're here, stay awhile and look over the whole site, we're glad to have you! By the way, it's you guys that are what really make Bauhr Ranch work. Thank you!