welcome to bauhr ranch horsemanship 2016

What is Bauhr Ranch?


Welcome to Bauhr Ranch Home page.

You’re most likely looking for an event date or maybe a Mission statement about Bauhr Ranch. If I have a 2016 Mission statement it would go something like this:

At Bauhr Ranch we have come to realize the horse business is all about the people! It’s really that simple. With over 24 years of working with horses, I have never once had a horse arrive with a check in their mouth, signed by themselves. Every horse that has come here whether for a clinic lesson or a stay in training have all had one thing in common: they all had a human attached! Once I decided to embrace that fact, I soon came to realize the horse's success is totally dependent on their humans ability to understand the horse and understand the training that’s been put into them. The surprising and exciting thing is that the people are what make the horse business so much fun.

Please browse around the website and have a good time. I look forward to seeing you at an event!