Are You Happy When You're Horse is Happy?

Last Updated: 3:39 PM on Aug 11, 2008
Is Your Horse A Happy Horse?
by: Carolyn Bauhr

Ever notice when you're smiling and you're having a great time with your horse, the horse seems to be doing the same thing? Even if you're horse isn't PERFECT or you're not PERFECT, your horse seems to know that, and well, your horse seems to feel perfectly happy just because you're happy to be with him.

It always strikes me how some horses faces reflect the riders face. Now I'm not saying anyone looks like a horse, but if you look at a tense rider, you will almost always see a tense horse. Most of us have definitely seen an angry, unhappy rider. When we look down at the horse, it shows up in his/her horse's eyes and body language. They look as angry and as unhappy as their rider. Sometimes it seems like it doesn't matter how many horses they have, they still seem to get that look. Have you ever noticed a bored looking person on a bored looking horse? No excitement or fun going on with either of them! How about a horse that won't stop jigging, yet on close examination the rider is jigging worse than the horse! As natural born followers they want leadership. If it's unhappy ormisguided, they will still follow it.

We hear this a lot, "Well, you're just lucky your horses don't have a bunch of problems. I've got a real lemon here!"

Well have fun, smile and be glad that you've got that time to enjoy your horse. We love to see horses and their riders that look like they're happy!

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